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Black and White | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Black and White | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Written by Pallavi Chattopadhyay |Updated: July 30, 2019 6:20:09 am

Black and White

Nine artists dig deep into the many layers of the skin in the exhibition titled ‘Skin: The Finer Nuance’

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Baptist Coelho’s Attempts to Contain.

While growing up, Delhi-based artist Shivani Aggarwal was always struck by how her mother and elders would constantly ask her to hide her body — her cleavage, her legs among others. The artist, now 44, divulges how she hid behind the clothes she wore, and at most times, felt that the clothes were stitched to her skin. “As girls we end up growing up with a lot of shame attached to our bodies, whereas we should be celebrating it,” says Aggarwal. She has used the delicate craft of crochet as a metaphor to represent the beautiful clothes she used to wear in her work, Stitched Skin.

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