jueves, 25 de agosto de 2016


Poen de Wijs

Poen de Wijs (Dutch artist) 1948 – 2014
Muzengroep 3 (Muses Group 3), 2000
watercolour and acrylics on panel (marouflé) 
21 x 58 cm. 
signed Poen de Wijs
private collection

"How can I explain that 'inspiration' is a jumble, that 'the muse' appears in many guises? That ideas come from deep concentration or on the contrary are disguised in moments of relaxation. That training can teach you to evoke associations and images from deep layers in the subconscious. What part memories play. How important music, books and museums are. And travel! Florence, Venice and Rome, Africa and Indonesia. How can I explain that inspiration is everywhere? In and around me? And the very essence: how do I explain that the muse will never visit you if you do not get yourself behind the easel?"

Tekst uit “Poen de Wijs – schilderijen/paintings 1999-2005”

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