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Christa Zaat

Harald Jerichau (Danish painter) 1851 - 1878
Roman landscape, Villa dei Quintili by Via Appia, 1870
oil on canvas
37 x 50 cm.
signed monogram and Roma Vechia and dated October 1870
The Nivaagaard Picture Gallery

Harald Jerichau was a son of the artist couple Jens Adolf Jerichau and Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann. He received his first training in Copenhagen from Frederik Christian Lund and Eiler Rasmussen Eilersen. He then went to Rome to Jean-Achille Benouville of the French Academy, and studied in nature as a landscape painter. Since 1870, he painted views of the surroundings of Rome.

In 1869, 1872 and 1874 he traveled through Greece, Asia and Turkey. In 1874 he married the Silesian Maria Kutzner, who died in 1876 in Naples, which hurt him a lot. Later, Jerichau lived mostly in Rome, where he probably died on March 6, 1878 from typhoid or malaria.

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