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Christa Zaat

Isidore Meyers (Belgian painter) 1836 - 1916
Regenachtig Weder (Rainy Weather), 1883
oil on canvas

Meyers was born in Antwerp on 14 February 1836. At the age of fourteen he was enrolled at the Antwerp Academy as a pupil of Jacob Jacobs, a famous landscape and marine painter, who not to overestimate played a role in the training of many leading landscape painters of the 19th century. If negentienjarie travels Meyers in 1855 to Paris, where he remains until 1858. There he learned the realism know, later progressing to impressionism. After his return he gets friendly with Jacques Rosseels, another Antwerp which meanwhile has become director of the Royal Academy of Dendermonde. Thanks to the friendship with Rosseels is Isidore Meyers teacher Dendermonde where he played Franz Courtens may count among his disciples. From eyes that block Meyers and Rosseels as the foundation layers of the "Dendermonde Painting School beschouwd.Meyers married in 1872 at age thirty-six Hamme but goes into Buggenhout live where he teams up with Frans Van Kuyck (1852-1915). Together they seek their artistic inspiration in the Scheldt from Baasrode to Saint-Amand. Many faces river with boats and landscapes with little homestead now see the light. In the town hall of Dendermonde is a painting from this period: "Cord Turners in Hamme. Also in Antwerp (Royal Museum of Fine Arts) and in Brussels we find the works of Isidore Meyers back. In the Senate, "Setting sun" and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts: "Moonlight." In 1889 he moved to Brussels, where he dies in 1916.De two valuable drawings of Isidore Meyers that we see here are quick pencil sketches ( a knitting brewing waiting for the ships coming and a Brabant boat against the shore) which probably served as a preliminary to a schilderij. Met are smooth brushwork, they pasty paint use and rich coloring, we Meyers Gerus as one of the main representatives of the Dendermonde School.

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