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Stories in a song | The Indian Express

Stories in a song | The Indian Express

Stories in a song

Folk musician Mangka Mayanglambam on reviving Moirang Sai, learning from her father, and why music is meditative

Written by Ektaa Malik | Published: January 6, 2018 12:05 am
Stories in a song
Mangka Mayanglambam at a performance with the Laihui Ensemble (Byron AIhara)

When Mangka Mayanglambam was all of eight or nine years old, she expressed her desire to learn dance to her father. Her father Mayanglambam Mangangsana Meitei — pena musician and recipient of the Bismillah Khan award — told her that if she wishes to dance, she will have to learn how to sing.
“I was always fascinated by the folk music of Manipur. At home, we were surrounded by traditional performing arts of our region. I wanted to learn from Langathel Thoinu Devi — the pioneer of Moirang Sai — but when I first went to learn from her, she refused,” says the 21-year-old folk artiste, who is at the forefront of reviving traditional art forms of Manipur.

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