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NEBSEN & NEBET-TA ▲ Egipto en mi Corazón - Inicio

Egipto en mi Corazón - Inicio

La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas

Pair Statue of Nebsen and Nebet-ta.
To express the physical and spiritual bond between two individuals, sculptors devised a form called the pair statue. The most common variety showed the subjects—a husband and wife, a mother and child, or a king and a divinity, for example—seated together on a chair or bench. The earliest documented examples date to the reign of King Djoser in the Third Dynasty (circa 2675–2625 B.C.E.).

This New Kingdom pair statue represents a married couple. The inscription tells us that the man is Nebsen, a scribe in the royal treasury, and the woman is Nebet-ta, a singer in the temple of the goddess Isis. They each pass one arm behind the other, a symbol of closeness. In order to convey this sentiment and to create a harmonious design, the sculptor extended the arms to unnatural lengths.
Painted limestone double statue of Neb-sen and his sister-wife, Nebet-ta. Figures seated on common seat with rounded plinth behind. Inscribed on plinth, sides and front of seat and down centers of skirts. Elaborate wigs and necklaces. Condition: General condition good with various minor surface chips. Upper left front of seat chipped. Plinth chipped at edges. Extensive remains of paint in various places, particularly around heads and in hieroglyphs and on plinth.

La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas

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