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MARIPOSAS DEL ALMA || Poen de Wijs - Inicio

Poen de Wijs - Inicio

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Poen de Wijs (Dutch artist) 1948 - 2014
Carnaval des Animaux - Papillons (Carnival of the Animals - Butterfies), 2013
acrylics on canvas
30 x 30 cm.
signed Poen de Wijs
private connection

In 2011 Vincent Michels and Marley Eltz, acrobats, choreographers and artistic directors of the Amsterdam acrobat group Corpus Acrobatics, persuaded Poen to visit their show ‘Evolution’ in the Delamar theatre in Amsterdam. A breath-taking choreography that exposed the beauty and fragility of Mother Earth. The relationship in attitude between Vincent, Marley and Poen and their commonality within each other’s theme could not remain without consequences. Together with three contortionists (snake girls) of the group, Li Ling Kassing, Daniëlle Bubberman and Renske Endel, Poen realized a series of works based on the 14-part composition ‘Carnival des Animaux’ for ensemble or small orchestra in 1886, by French composer Camille Saint -Saëns. In music, he portrayed a number of animals and their characteristics, who are depicted a little mockingly, but also quite aptly.

CORPUS ACROBATICS from Amsterdam, founded and directed by Vincent Michels and Marley Eltz is a renowned acrobatic theatre company from Amsterdam, who perform for over 15 years spectacular acrobatic shows all over the world. Corpus is the first Dutch "new" circus without animals. The visual impact using projections, expression, sensational acrobatics and choreography give their performances a very personal style.
The group was extremely successful at many festivals and theatre tours, including Festival Classique , The Hague (2011), Delamar Theatre, Amsterdam (2011) and numerous international events including Mexico, Brazil, England, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium , France, Portugal and Russia.

Text from the catalogue ‘Carnaval des Animaux - 2013’

La imagen puede contener: 1 persona

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