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Boys outsmart thief and magician | MercatorNet | May 15, 2017 |

Boys outsmart thief and magician

| MercatorNet | May 15, 2017 |

Boys outsmart thief and magician

Boys outsmart thief and magician

A fun fairy tale is back in print.
Jennifer Minicus | May 15 2017 | comment 
The Robber Hotzenplotzby Otfried Preussler
written for ages 7-10 | recommended
published in 2016 (1962) | New York Review Children's Collection | 128 pages

Everyone is afraid of the robber Hotzenplotz – even the police. When he steals Grandmother’s favorite coffee mill, Kasperl and his friend Seppel ask Sergeant Dimplemoser for help – but to no avail. If Grandmother is ever going to have her mill back, it is up to Kasperl and Seppel to retrieve it.
Of course, a hardened criminal like Hotzenplotz is not only tricky to find. He is also dangerous. A clever plot backfires, and the boys are taken captive. Separating the friends, Hotzenplotz sells Kasperl to an evil magician. Kasperl keeps his wits about him, though, and outsmarts both these malicious men with the help of a fairy.
Translated from its original German, Preussler’s adventure is perfect for beginners (especially boys) who like action. Humorous short chapters with black and white sketches keep the plot moving. A must have for school libraries and classrooms!
Jennifer Minicus is a former teacher currently living in New Jersey.
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May 15, 2017

I’d just like to get something off my chest. Why are coffee shops going so silent? Between the gaggle of friends giggling over their own mobile phones and the solitary geeks tapping away at their laptops, the art of caffeinated conversation is in danger of vanishing.
That’s why I welcome and commend the bold decision of a Toronto café (featured in the New York Times as the cusp of an epoch-defining moment) not to offer WiFi. Without WiFi, there’s laughter and banter and conversation. With it, a grim, nerdy silence.
“It’s about creating a social vibe,” the owner of HotBlack Coffee told the Times. “We’re a vehicle for human interaction, otherwise it’s just a commodity.” Amen. Bring back the human stuff. Which basically defines what MercatorNet is all about, as you can read below. 

Michael Cook 

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Boys outsmart thief and magician
By Jennifer Minicus
A fun fairy tale is back in print.
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