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CAUSA & EFECTO según "el dispensador"... vaqueano de tempestades humanas (8)

el dispensador dice: la nada es causa... el todo es consecuencia. MAYO 19, 2017.-
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el dispensador dice: la nada es eterna... el todo es finito... la nada es luz... el todo es oscuridad en distintos grados... la nada es motivo... el todo es sucesión de circunstancias... la nada es idea... el todo es pensamiento... la nada es infinito... el todo es moebius... la nada es la antesala... el todo es el conjunto de salas... la nada es el momento anterior a ser... el todo es sólo el estar... la nada es la estancia del alma... el todo es el camino del espíritu... la nada es atemporal... el todo es temporal... la nada acuna los karmas... el todo despliega los karmas... MAYO 19, 2017.-
es muy fino el límite, casi un trazo que parece un raya... pero cuando lo traspones todo cambia, crees tener todo pero no tienes nada... lo único que sirve es lo que se cultiva en el alma... 
no desprecies la nada, porque en ella mora la esencia de todo...
los afectos reflejan la nada...
las palabras reflejan el todo en sus algos...
cuando partes de aquí, no te llevas nada... más que los afectos genuinos... y esos singulares "sentimientos"...
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Carmen Conde Sedemiuqse Esquimedes

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Sang of Jetsun the following good-wishes in verse:
'O Father and Protector of all Creatures, Thou Who hast 
Thine Own Good-Wishes realized,
Translator Marpa, I blow down at Thy Feet !

'O my disciples here assembled,hearken unto me.
Kind,indeed have ye been unto me,
And kind have I been unto you ;
May we, thus bound together by ties of mutual helpfulness,
Meet in Realm of Happiness.

'Ye donors of alms, who here seated.
May ye live long and be e'er prosperity.
May no perverted thought find entry to your minds;
May all your thoughts e'er right and lead to your success religiously.

'May peace harmonious bless this land;
May it be ever free from maladies and war;
May there be harvests rich and increased yield of grain;
May every one delight in righteous.

'May all who have beheld my face and hear my voice,
And all who have my history known, and borne it in their heart,
And all who have but heard my name and story,
Meet me in the Realm of Happiness.

'May those who make a study of my life,
And emulate it, and dedicate themselves to meditation;
And each who shall transcribe,narrate, or listen to my history,
Or whoso e'er shall read and venerate it,
Or take it as their rule of conduct,
Meet me in the Realm of Happiness.

'May every being in future time
Who hath the will to meditate,
In virtue of mine own austerities
Be free from all impediment and error.

'To them who for devotion's sake endure hardships,
There cometh boundless merit;
To them who shall lead others to the treading of the Path,
Boundless gratitude is due;
To them who shall lead others to the treading of the Path,
Boundless gratitude is due;
To them who hear the story of my life,
There cometh boundless grace:
By the power of this boundless merit,gratitude, and grace,
May every being, as soon as they shall hear(MY history), attain Deliverance,
And(true) Success as soon as they shall contemplate(it).

'May the places of my sojourn, and the objects whereon I have rested,
And every little thing which hath been mine,
bring peace and gladness where so e'er they be.

'The earth the water,fire, and air,
And the ethereal spaces wheresoever they pervade-
May I be protector to them all.

'And may the Deva and the Spirits of Eight Orders,
And all the local genii and sprites,
Do not the least of harm;But may they each fulfil these wishes in accordance with the Dharma.

'May none of living creatures,none e'en of insects,
Be bound unto sangsaric life ; nay not one of them ;
But may I be empowered to save them all.'

Thuk Je Che Tibet

Thuk Je Che Tibet

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