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Henri Berssenbrugge (Dutch photographer) 1873 - 1959
Goudse Singel, Rotterdam, 1915
bromoil print
20.4 x 11.3 cm.
Special Collection of the University Library, Leiden, The Netherlands

Henri Berssenbrugge and Bernard Eilers were arguably the most important Dutch Pictorialist photographers.
Berssenbrugge attended the Academy of Fine Arts Sciences in Rotterdam to learn the art of drawing. Before he finished his studies in 1900 he had already worked as a painter and decorator in Gouda and Keulen. After coming in contact with photography by chance in that same year, he immediately adopted this medium that enabled him almost instantly to form an image of what his alert eye saw. Within a few years he mastered all the different processes of his time, such as the gum bichromate, carbon print, bromoil pront and Erwino print, named for his German inventor, Erwin Quedenfeld, a pphotographer friend of Berssenbrugge.
Berssenbrugge's work was related to international Pictorialism and to various forms of modern art, but it also bears the marks of a man determined to be an unconventional, one-of-a-kind artist.
In the second decade of the twentieth century he tried to free his work from nature and formed his own two-dimensial photographic style, inspired by the decorative arts

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