domingo, 21 de mayo de 2017

IMPRENTA || Christa Zaat

Christa Zaat

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Charles Frederic Ulrich (American painter) 1858 - 1908
The Village Printing Shop, Haarlem, Holland, 1884
oil on panel
54 × 58.3 cm. (21.3 × 23 in.)
Terra Foundation for American Art, Chicago, United States of America

According to the RKD he worked in the Netherlands ca. 1890. He attended the Royal Academy in Munich, Germany, as did William Merritt Chase, who like him, was influenced by Dutch Golden Age painting and who has been documented as painting his portrait. He was discovered by Thomas B. Clarke, a lace and linen manufacturer in New York who became a collector of contemporary American art. Ulrich painted his portrait in gratitude after his painting "In the Land of Promise, Castle Garden" was shown at the National Academy of Design, where it won the National Academy's first Thomas B. Clarke Prize for Best American Figure Composition.

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