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PIFIADA || Poen de Wijs - Inicio

Poen de Wijs - Inicio

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Poen de Wijs (Dutch artist) 1948 – 2014
MINI en MAXI-7 Komische Noten (Comic Notes), 2002
acrylics on canvas
120 x 150 cm.
signed Poen de WIjs
private collection


Music must be a 'Leitmotiv' in Poen de Wijs' work. During the Seventies he became well-known as the designer of the band Flairck's celebrated album covers. Music was also at the basis of the cooperation between Karel de Rooy and Peter de Jong, who first met at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and have been the duo of MINI & MAXI for 30 years now. This common musicality made Poen de Wijs decide to devote a series of paintings to this pair of clowns. He focused on the persons behind the clowns with their characters and emotions, their sense of humour and feeling for poetry. Under the 'Prima Vista' theme he created a series of paintings in which all chords of the human soul are softly plucked, in the exact way MINI & MAXI used to do it on stage in their inimitable theatre acts. Fortunately Poen de Wijs resisted the temptation to record successful moments from their world-famous theatre shows. With the help of his characters' acting talent he stage-managed his paintings. Poen de Wijs often paints successive moments and moods, as in a decelerated movie; a technique developed through the years, which he has mastered like no other. 

Text: Piet Boogaards from “Poen de Wijs – Schilderijen/Paintings 1999-2005”

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This is an example of Mini and Maxi's work virtuoso musical work:


La imagen puede contener: 2 personas

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