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Happy Holi 2018: Detoxify after Holi with these expert diet tips | The Indian Express

Happy Holi 2018: Detoxify after Holi with these expert diet tips | The Indian Express

Happy Holi 2018: Detoxify after Holi with these expert diet tips

After consuming a lot of junk food and alcohol during Holi, it is time to start the detoxification process. Here are some expert tips to get your body back to normal. If you are too lazy, you can just start with drinking coriander water.

Written by Ishita Goel | New Delhi | Published: March 2, 2018 12:00 pm
Holi detoxification, how to detoxify after holi, holi hangover, holi sweets, holi lose weight, holi drinks, holi lemon water, indian express, indian express newsDetoxify after Holi with these drinks. (Source: File Photo)
After you have heartily indulged in special Holi feasts and given a heavy boost to your calories, it is time to give your body some TLC. Not just sweets, but the alcohol too can make your body acidic, leading to sugar cravings. The junk food consumption during the festive season can also cause bloating and episodes of diarrhoea.
The process of detoxification starts with neutralising the bacteria that excess sweet-eating has caused. Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, senior consultant, nutritionist, Apollo Hospitals advises to go heavy on pro-biotics to kill these bacterias. One can consume more of buttermilk, curd and fermented foods like idli and dhokla. If the sugar craving persists, Dr Rohatgi advises to opt for fruits, preferably grapes, dates and coconuts as a source of sugar.
You can also go for cleansing drinks to accelerate the process of detoxification. Dietician Apoorva Saini of Santoshiarogyam Diet E Clinic lists out some tips that will help you.
* Coriander water: A ground paste of coriander mixed with water and left for absorption for a couple of hours can help with cleansing.
* Strawberry water: One can also store strawberry slices in water for a couple of hours before drinking it. It is rich in anti-oxidants that can help flush out toxins from the body.
* Jasmine tea: It is great for helping with water retention and helps to detoxify properly.
* Lemon and mint water: The vitamin C in lemon helps to bring down a hangover and also cleanses the body.
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