sábado, 17 de marzo de 2018

Learn About Female Film Pioneers and More Historic Women 🎥📜

A black and white image of early 20th Century filmmaker Lois Weber and actors shooting a movie.

Learn About Female Visionaries

This Women's History Month, learn about pioneering women 
in science, film, culture, and their contributions to U.S. history. 
Explore the Library of Congress' exhibition on figures like Lois 
Weber, an early 20th Century filmmaker and tennis player 
Alice Marble. 
Learn More About Hidden Women in History

Women’s History Month: 

“Hidden Figures of Women’s History”

To celebrate the start of Women’s History Month, we’re pleased to 
share an excerpt from “Hidden Figures of Women’s History,” the 
March–April issue of LCM, the Library of Congress Magazine, 
available in its entirety online. The except features a vignette about 
Lois Weber, an early 20th-century filmmaker, by Mike Mashon, head 
of the Library’s Moving Image Section.   

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