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Forever Frames | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Forever Frames | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Written by Vandana Kalra |Published: November 27, 2019 9:11:52 am

Forever Frames

Artist Olivia Fraser’s meditative works borrow from Indian iconographies and traditions.

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The Scottish artist was in her 20s in 1989 when she left her art studies at Wimbledon Art College in London to join her now-husband, historian William Dalrymple, in Delhi.

WE MEET artist Olivia Fraser a couple of days after she has returned from a sojourn to the hills, where she had travelled to escape Delhi’s pollution. “All my artistic life has been about India, I don’t know where one escapes to,” she says. She compares the situation in Delhi to the Great Smog in London in 1952, and almost immediately turns her attention to the cosmos painted in her works on display at Nature Morte gallery, as if to find an answer to our predicament.

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