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Christa Zaat

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Alexander Aleksandrovich Deineka (Russian painter) 1899 - 1969
Girl with a book, 1934
oil on canvas
The Russian Museum, St.Petersburg

Alexander Aleksandrovich Deineka was born in Kursk, in a railroader family. He educated the prime art formation in Kharkov Art College (1915-1917). His youth as youth his many contemporaries, was devoted to revolution events. In 1918 it worked as the photographer in Criminal Investigation Department, managed section of the Art of Regional Educaational Department, designed campaigned trains, became involted in the defense of Kursk. In 1919-1920 Deineka was in the army where he managed art studio in Kursk Political Department and " Windows of ROSTA" in the same town.

From army he was sand on official trip to study to Moscow, in VHUTEMAS in the polygraphic department where his teachers were V.A. Favorsky and I.I. Nivinsky (1920-1925). His communication with V.A.Favorskiy and meetings with V.V. Maiyakovsky had great importance in his creative formation and forming of disposition during all years of studies. His creative character was represented in his works on the first exhibition in 1924? where he participated in the "Group of three" (together A.D. Goncharov and J.I. Pimenov), and on the First Discussion Exhibition of Union Active Revolutionary Art. In 1925 Deineka was one of the founders of Stander's Society (OST). Then the first Sovetic original monumental historic-revolutionary picture «Defense of Petrograd» (1928) was made by him.

La imagen puede contener: 1 persona

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