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DE LOS HILOS || Christa Zaat

Christa Zaat

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William Henry Margetson (British painter) 1861 - 1940
The Virgin at the Loom, 1895
oil on canvas
150.9 x 62.2 cm.
Vicotria Art Gallery, Bath, United Kingdom

William Margetson (1861 - 1940) was a painter, illustrator and designer who studied at the Dulwich, South Kensington and Royal Academy schools. He worked as a drawing instructor in London but spent much of his life at Wallingford in Berkshire. His wife, Helen Hatton, was also an artist. Margetson exhibited widely in British galleries and at the Royal Academy from 1885. He was elected to the Royal Institute in 1909. Though popular during his lifetime, very little of Margetson’s work is held in public collections.

In his early years as an artist Margetson produced black and white illustrative work in line and wash. His later work, for which he is most well-known, is of portraits and literary, religious and classical themed subjects painted in oils and watercolours. Margetson commonly painted pictures of pretty girls, depicted alone and large on the canvas. Many were portrayed in beach scenes. This painting is typical of his favoured subjects. The beautiful model is portrayed as a saint and surrounded with a warm, spiritual light. His oil and watercolour paintings of female figures display development from a sentimental and detailed late Victorian style through to more loose and flowing brushwork more characteristic of Edwardian Post-Impressionism.

The picture was given to the Gallery by Alice Dorothea Henderson, one of the Gallery's most important donors. She inherited a large collection of works from the noted 19th century collector, Alice Radcliffe.

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