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La imagen puede contener: 3 personas, personas de pie e interior

Cyril Vikentievich Lemokh (Russian painter) 1841 - 1910
name in Russian: Кирилл Викентьевич Лемох, aka Carl Johann LemochЛето (С поздравлениями)
Лето (С поздравлениями) (Summer (Congratulations)), 1890 
oil on canvas
The State Russian Museum 

Cyril Vikentievich Lemokh studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts, who left along with Kramskoy and 11 th other comrades. Having become a member of Artel free artists, Lemokh introduced in 1868. Academy picture "Family Mountain" (owned by Erlanger, Moscow), for which he received the title of class artist 1-st degree. In 1875, Mr.. received the title of academician of the seven new exposed them to the Academy of Art. Since 1878. was a member of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. He recreated a scene from a Russian peasant life, which almost always present in children; image of children of the world, with a sentimental, compassionate note, was his primary specialty. In the subjects he sometimes repeated, especially in recent. Painting Lemokh complete, color is not brilliant, but truthful, and his pictures - always small size. In the Tretyakov Gallery are his "Seeing" (1863), "Girl with a kitten" (1873) and "Morning in the Swiss" (1874), the Museum of Emperor Alexander III - "No Survivors" (1898). "New acquaintance" - property of the Emperor, "recovering" - property Empress. "Orphan" belongs to VV. Stasov; several paintings in the collection Lemokh I.E. Lemokh written as portraits - small figures in the growth (in the museum of Alexander III - a portrait N.A. Shokhin).

La imagen puede contener: 3 personas, personas de pie e interior

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