domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2016


Poen de Wijs

Poen de Wijs (Dutch artist) 1948 - 2014
Ballade (Ballad), 1996
oil on canvas
100 x 100 cm.
signed Poen de Wijs
private collection

Poen de Wijs as a person and as an artist goes through a period of great inspiration. Since his recent trips to Kenya, his paintings have become the magical meeting places of European and African female figures. De Wijs integrates their experience frameworks, and creates a harmony of colour and form, in which races and cultures thrive together. A world in which the singularity of the African individual is calibrated on an equal footing to that of the European. Art collectors and admirers of Poen de Wijs know that this highly topical theme had already begun in his previous collection "The Three Graces". The "Kenya-series" is a further deepening of this.

Text: Piet Bogaards at exhibition in Gallery De Twee Pauwen - 1996

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