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Christa Zaat

Abram Efimovich Arkhipov (Абра́м Ефи́мович Архи́пов) (Russian painter) 1862 - 1930
Келейник (A Monk, aka Lay Brother), 1891
oil on canvas
108 x 67 cm. 
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Autotranslated Note Tretyakov Gallery
It would seem that completely alien phenomenon in the works Arkhipova - picturesquely uninhibited pyshnotelye-volume models replaced the tragic "Washerwoman" or sunlit heroes impressionist genre scenes "on the river Oka." But "Girl with a Jug" - a continuation of peasant themes solved in modern times by other means. At the end of the 1920s the artist's painting acquires the features of monumentality, aided compositional solution: a model fills the entire canvas, the smallest of place is given to the background and generally scheduled window. Choosing generation solutions seated figure, the wizard gives the most enduring images. Colorful and decorative patterns due multicolored painting: orange sweater, pink apron, red skirt create a sense of glowing colors. The colors of these burn even more strongly underlined by a dark stain walls and intense blue of enamel cup. Peasant Arkhipova not obsessed with the spontaneity of the senses, as the peasant F.Malyavina. It is open and cheerful, which makes it not very pretty face joyfully lively.

* * *

Abram Efimovich Arkhipov (Russian: Абра́м Ефи́мович Архи́пов), was a Russian realist artist, who was a member of the art collective The Wanderers as well as the Union of Russian Artists.

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