jueves, 23 de junio de 2016


Christa Zaat

Georg von Rosen (Swedish painter) 1843 - 1923
Sfinxen vid Gizeh (The Great Sphinx of Giza), 1883
33 x 37 cm.
signed G v Rosen and dated -83
private collection

Georg von Rosen was a Swedish painter, known for his treatment of subjects from Swedish history and Norse mythology. He taught at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts between 1880 and 1908.

In his 1871 picture of Karin Månsdotter – a 16th Century Swedish queen who was the only commoner to hold that position until modern times and who is considered a romantic figure – she is depicted as "an innocent angel", holding the hand of her mentally deranged husband, King Eric XIV, who is lying on the floor, confused by his inner demons. She is thus giving the King strength to resist the demands of his adviser Jöran Persson, standing on the other side of him and trying to get him to sign a document.

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