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MercatorNet: New fantasy series shows promise [NEW SECTION OF "HUMANISMS"] once in a while

MercatorNet: New fantasy series shows promise

New fantasy series shows promise

New fantasy series shows promise

A goblin queen learns that humans are her best allies.
Jennifer Minicus | May 20 2016 | comment 
Miscast Spellsby Rose Corcoran
written for ages 9-12 | recommended
published in 2016 | Rose Corcoran | 242 pages

Emmaline has never seen a goblin, but when a long-tailed, furry creature turns her into a rabbit, she knows she has encountered one.  Bostwick, the magician in her family’s castle, now has the mission of finding the means of reversing the spell.
Bostwick and Emmaline travel to Ataxia, a goblin land ruled by the unpredictable Queen Delilah. Her castle is as unreliable as she is, but they know she has an object, a “Domino”, that can help Emmaline. A failed attempt to steal it lands Bostwick in the position of serving the queen as a butler. Aided by her maid, Millicent, Bostwick and Emmaline grow accustomed to life in a goblin queen’s castle.
Queen Delilah has problems of her own, however. A serial bomber seems bent on destroying her kingdom. While Bostwick has little love for his eccentric employer, he cannot stand by while innocent goblin lives are destroyed. He and Emmaline prove to be Delilah’s best allies.
This first book in The Styx Trilogy is packed with engaging characters and humorous dialogue. Bostwick’s aloof cynicism clashes with Delilah’s whimsical mood swings. Meanwhile Millicent’s innocence and Emmaline’s sense of justice keep the others on track. The author skillfully incorporates challenging vocabulary for readers looking to expand their lexicon. A great beginning to a series that should appeal to fantasy lovers.
A former teacher, Jennifer Minicus is currently a full-time wife and mother.
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Mother Teresa of Calcutta is to be canonised in Rome on September 4. Although her name is a byword for generous service to humanity, the Albanian-born nun has attracted some criticism. Gëzim Alpion, also Albanian, a sociologist at the University of Birmingham, has become an expert on her life, writings and reputation. His bookMother Teresa: Saint or Celebrity? was published in 2007 and another book is on the way. Michael Cook asked him why he is so interested in Mother Teresa, and his answers are intriguing. 
Alpion does not follow any religion but describes himself as a “spiritual-rationalist”. He says he is interested in Mother Teresa not because she was particualrly enlightened, rather, because "she was in the dark all her life" -- a reference to her experience of spiritual desolation. He concludes:
Mother Teresa’s hagiographers and friendly biographers should not be afraid that she could become less appealing if we know more about her. On the contrary, the more we uncover about her as an individual, the more her personality and legacy as a missionary would appeal to Catholics, followers of other faith, as well as those who profess no religion.
That must surely be the case.

Carolyn Moynihan
Deputy Editor,

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New fantasy series shows promise
Jennifer Minicus | READING MATTERS | 20 May 2016
A goblin queen learns that humans are her best allies.
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