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SÓLO UN DESEO || Christa Zaat

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John Bauer (Swedish painter and illustrator) 1882 - 1918 
De Sju Önskningarna (The Seven Wishes), 1907
tissue and pencil wreath, watercolour and opaque white on paper
22 x 21.5 cm. (8.66 x 8.46 in.)
signed and dated JB 07
private collection

Google translated Catalogue Note Stockholms Auktionsverk
Illustration to De Sju Önskningarna (The Seven Wishes) of Alfred Smedberg. The story was published for the first time in the Christmas book 1907.
"Och i samma ögonblick var hon förvandlad till en underskön liten älva med rosiga kinder, himmelsblå ögon och guldgult, böljande hår."
( "And at the same moment she was transformed into a subtle little fairy with rosy cheeks, sky blue eyes and golden yellow, rolling hair.")

Erik Åkerlund (1877-1940), married to Isabella Maria (Maja) Åkerlund, one day received the idea of ​​publishing a newspaper he called Christmas atmosphere. This initiative led him to, in cooperation with Johan Petter Åhlén in 1906, start a small publisher named Åhlén & Åkerlund. Sweden's largest magazine publisher over time, and so is it still, even though the publisher is now called Bonnier Tidskrifter. Christmas atmosphere was sold in a total of 112 000 copies. Sagittarius John Bauer was hired and the classic Bland tomtar and troll, which came in 1907, also became a definite success. The publisher moved from Göteborg to Stockholm and in 1921 Erik Åkerlund was the sole owner.

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