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Family is a priority for immigrants |MercatorNet |September 21, 2017| MercatorNet |

Family is a priority for immigrants

|MercatorNet |September 21, 2017MercatorNet |

Family is a priority for immigrants

Family is a priority for immigrants

A young Vietnamese boy learns the value of hard work and sacrifice.
Jennifer Minicus | Sep 21 2017 | comment 
A Different Pondby Bao Phi, illustrated by Thi Bui
written for ages 7-10 | recommended
published in 2017 | Capstone Young Readers | 32 pages

In this auto-biographical story, Bao Phi presents an immigrant family from Vietnam as it strives to establish a home in America. A young boy rises early to fish with his father before the work day begins. His father tells him stories of his homeland, the war and fishing in Vietnam. The silent, cheerful sacrifice of this man permeates the story. At the same time, his young son does his part to help the others.
Thi Bui’s illustrations capture the mood of the Phi’s writing. The dark sky and muted surroundings as they approach the local pond convey the crisp coolness and quiet of pre-dawn. Images of home life are full of joy in spite of the family’s obvious struggles.
Jennifer Minicus is a teacher living in Ridgewood, NJ.


September 21, 2017

The race to eliminate unborn children with disabilities is wrong in a very fundamental way, in that it means ending the life of a human being, and an innocent one at that. It harms those responsible morally.

But it also robs them and the community of a special kind of joy, as we can see from today's story about an American high school senior with Down syndrome. Jake Pratt, the manager of his school's football team, is the hero of a viral video showing him scoring a touchdown goal after actually entering a game for once. It was obviously a feel-good moment for everyone present.

Jake's school has clearly given its students some wonderful lessons about achievement and happiness. Good on them!

Carolyn Moynihan
Deputy Editor,
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Family is a priority for immigrants
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